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Bachmann staffer tied to violent Ugandan antigay movement →


Recent investigations have found that a man working on Michele Bachmann’s campaign for president has ties to the harsh antigay movement in Uganda, possibly including its horrific “Kill the Gays” bill. 

Peter E. Waldron, an evangelical pastor, has been running outreach to faith-based communities for Bachmann’s campaign. A journalist recently discovered that he was once imprisoned in Uganda for a supposed terrorist plot. This inspired a little more digging on the part of the media.

It turns out Waldron was also spotted visiting the church of pastor Martin Ssempa, an extremely antigay evangelical known for provoking violence against gays and lesbians. From the Advocate:

Ssempa is well known for inflaming violence against gay people in Uganda, even screening gay porn to incite backlash. While no one is reporting that Waldron actively helped push for the “Kill the Gays” bill that is even now still being considered by the country’s parliament, Rice says that Waldron regaled Ssempa’s congregation with stories and seemed like a minor celebrity. Waldron spoke about his time in the military (which Waldron strongly implied was CIA-related), his visit to the White House, and he bragged about being cozy with the Ugandan president.

Michele Bachmann, of course, does plenty of her own antigay spewing and her husband has become infamous for his ex-gay conversion therapy clinic.

This is not a joke. This is actually terrifying and could even be dangerous. She’s working with someone who allegedly worships an advocate of gay genocide? And she’s somehow one of the leading Republican candidates? Legitimately one of the scariest things I’ve read lately. 

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    I know a lot of young people could “care less” about politics, but this is exactly why you should care.
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    Oh my God. This is…this is honestly horrifying. Please, for all that is good, let things be alright. D:
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