Open Mindedness Galore ((OMG!))

Nothing is ever truly white nor black, the only thing that’s certain is the grey area in between; The Grey Abyss.

Are there any limits to open mindedness?



Sitting here trying to come to terms with my emotions; anxious one day, happy the next, confused at some points and goal oriented at another. My current emotion, “living in my own truth” i.e. if it qualifies as an emotion. For years I’ve never really been able to put to words what causes or makes me have certain stands in my life. One thing is certain though, I’m stubborn and as stubborn as stubborn gets, with ideals and opinions that I work hard at not going back on. So what next? I sit here, thinking about why I’ve chosen to be vocal (in my own right i.e.) on the LGBTQ movement in my home country Kenya. Why have I picked a path that I know for sure will only lead to resentment and distaste from others? Well that’s where living in one’s own truth comes in. I see no fault in other’s being true to themselves, accepting themselves and living loud and proud. Heck! I expect the same for me, so why should someone else be denied that at the expense of what the society at large expects. And if you were wondering, I’m not one to follow what the society says let alone does, I believe everyone has their own mind for a reason and should thus be used. We are not puppets and even puppets get some downtime from all that acting. Why should people be forced to live one lifestyle and yet deep down they know what they want and aspire for themselves? ((Live in one’s truth))

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