Open Mindedness Galore ((OMG!))

Nothing is ever truly white nor black, the only thing that’s certain is the grey area in between; The Grey Abyss.

Are there any limits to open mindedness?



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Early Sunday morning, mom is getting ready for church and I, well I’m channel scanning, getting ready to clock in another pajama day. Just then, I see a preview for a new movie “GUN HILL ROAD” featuring Michael (played by Harmony Santana) a transgender teen and her struggle to understand her sexual transformations and gain acceptance especially from the home front. This, like many other occasions where LGBTQ related topics come to the limelight, was a reason to start yet another discussion on the daily struggles faced by transgender teens and adults alike.

Without actual statistics, we went on to discuss high suicide rates, depression and exactly what being a trans entails (biologically). Having her sit back, listen and at times contribute affirmatively, made me both happy and proud; because as you can imagine, having been raised in a strict Catholic household, with very conservative parents, who only acknowledge black and white, this conversation was almost unlikely. Back to the conversation and as I explain events, give examples of suicide cases and reiterate that at no point did Michael and many others like her choose to be “different”, and that many even blame God for having wronged them; mom listens attentively and at the end even sympathizes with her.

I was like WOW this working progress, is now almost a complete masterpiece, next she will be accompanying me to ((PRIDE FESTIVALS)) Ha! Okay, maybe that’s a leap of faith, but I’ve always been a big dreamer and you never know. All in all, I took the liberty to attach the link to “GUN HILL ROAD”, hope it opens up minds and stirs conversations in the same manner it did at home, and while you’re at it ((ENJOY))

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